While sport is a universal vehicle of communication, there are key stakes related to image. Improving that image and making it more professional is therefore essential and we work on developing the communication skills of our talents and building their reputation with them.

We also use our network and the expertise of our teams to support our sports stars and artists in their relationships with advertisers and the media. The involvement of experts is essential to support our Lifetime Players when choosing a digital strategy or media campaign or deciding which communication tools to use to boost their public image.

Improving the image of a talent is first and foremost about turning the talent into an independent brand. We rely on the expertise of our dedicated   “Endorsement” team to develop that brand.


Endorsement is a powerful tool for advertisers. included in overall communication plans it reinforce marketing strategies. Endorsement also help to control brand image by forming an alliance with a celebrity who shares the same values.

It is essential for any brand to make the right choices when it comes to image in order to convey a strong message and develop brand reputation. We offer a consultancy service to help you choose the right person to represent your brand from among the many sports stars and the artists we represent

We put our talent pool at your disposal to help you with your communication activities, whether it be an advertising campaign, public relations exercise, brand launch evening, or charity sponsorship project.


Because we have to prepare for tomorrow today and because 60% of sports stars end up bankrupt only five years after the end of their career, Lifetime Players has an Asset Management Department.

Our experts are experienced in managing the specific issues related to the brief nature of a professional sports career. Any sports star should have a competent and responsive team to help them avoid financial strain which can result in psychological and family crises.

It is also important to implement, as early as possible, the tools needed to have a successful post-sporting career. We are committed to helping you sustainably develop and protect your assets so that you can pass them on to your children.